Your Pet's Allergies

                Like humans, dogs and cats can have allergies that range from mild to severe.  Also, like humans, our pets can have allergies from many different sources.  However, pet allergy symptoms can be completely different than ours.  For instance, it has been shown that the majority of canine ear infections are associated with allergies.  The allergic pet’s ear infections will continue to re-occur after treatment if the underlying allergies are not addressed.

                The underlying source of allergies in pets can be food protein, fleas, plants, and pollens.  Many highly allergic pets are affected by all of the above.

                Pets that have food allergies are allergic to a particular protein in the food.  The allergy causing protein source may be beef, chicken, milk by-products, or any number of other proteins.  Changing food brands will not help.  The pet that is allergic to a food protein must be on a prescription diet that is manufactured in a facility devoted exclusively to hypoallergenic diets.  A pet that is allergic to beef protein cannot eat food manufactured on the same equipment as other beef protein based foods.  The selective quality control in the manufacturing process of hypoallergenic diets is critically important.  Food allergies in a pet may cause ear infections, foot licking, hair loss, face rubbing, skin infections and other symptoms.

                Pets that are allergic to fleas are never just “covered” in fleas.  The owner of a flea allergic pet may never see a flea.  The flea allergic pet can have a severe reaction to one single flea bite.  That one flea bite feels like an insect sting to the allergic pet.  The goal is to eliminate all fleas and treat the pet’s allergies.  We have the medication to accomplish both goals.

                The veterinary medical term for non-specific allergies in pets is Atopy.   Atopic dermatitis in pets can be extremely severe.  Some things that can complicate atopy in pets are pollen, molds, dust mites, grass resins, and surface skin infections. 

                Every pet is different in the allergy sources and symptoms.  Pet allergy diagnosis and treatment can be a complex endeavor.  Successful pet allergy management requires good communication and understanding between the veterinarian and pet owners.  Pet allergies can be frustrating for the owner and painful for the pet.

                Call us to schedule an examination and consultation regarding your pet’s health, comfort, and allergy management.


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